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Fee Guide

Denplan Care is a really easy way to spread the cost of all of your routine treatment into affordable monthly payments, reducing the chance of receiving unexpected dental bills.

When you decide to join the scheme your dentist will perform a Denplan assessment. This is a point scoring system to set which Denplan fee you will be charged. This is based specifically on your own oral health and number of existing restorations.

DiagnosisPrivate “Pay as You Go”Denplan Care
Initial extensive examination£85N/A
Routine examination£49Covered
Preventive CarePrivate “Pay as You Go”Denplan Care
Examination + Scale and Polish£82Covered
Hygienist per 20 minutes session£47Covered
RestorationsPrivate “Pay as You Go”Denplan Care
Amalgam fillings
  Single surface£94Covered
  2 surfaces£131Covered
  3 or more surfaces£140Covered
White composite fillings
  Front tooth single surface£137Covered
  Front tooth 2 surfaces£143Covered
  Front tooth 3 or more surfaces£147Covered
     Back tooth single surface£146Covered
  Back tooth 2 surfaces£161Covered
  Back tooth 3 or more surfaces£170Covered
  Veneer£165Lab fee only
Porcelain inlays/onlays
  2 or more surfaces£575Lab fee only
  Gold*£645Lab fee only
  Bonded porcelain£575Lab fee only
  All ceramic£575Lab fee only
  Zirconia£570Lab fee only
  Ceramic£475Lab fee only
Post retention
  Fibre post and core£175Lab fee only

*Prices of precious metal restorations will vary according to the weight of gold used.

Root FillingsPrivate “Pay as You Go”Denplan Care
Incisor /canine£295Covered
Surgical Treatment & AftercarePrivate “Pay as You Go”Denplan Care
Surgical extraction£168Covered
BridgesPrivate “Pay as You Go”Denplan Care
Dependant on type and sizeFrom £560Lab fee only
Dentures (Dependent on teeth used.)Private “Pay as You Go”Denplan Care
  Full upper and lower£995Lab fee only
  Full upper or lower£600Lab fee only
  Partial upper or lower£575Lab fee only
Cobalt Chrome
  Full upper£850Lab fee only
  Partial£750Lab fee only
Tooth WhiteningPrivate “Pay as You Go”Denplan Care
Soft Bite GuardPrivate “Pay as You Go”Denplan Care
Essix RetainerPrivate “Pay as You Go”Denplan Care
Sports Mouth GuardPrivate “Pay as You Go”Denplan Care
Emergency AppointmentsPrivate “Pay as You Go”Denplan Care
Out of hours call out fee£135£20 Excess

This is a price guide only and the practice reserves the right to change these prices at the dentist’s discretion.

For large or complex treatment plans your dentist will give you a detailed estimate before any work is carried out.

If a patient fails to attend or cancels an appointment without giving at least 24 hours’ notice the Practice reserves the right to charge a reasonable fee for wasted surgery time.

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